Since then, it’s become prominent of supplying 1,000,000 liters at a time both duty free or duty paid with its powerful barge and truck fleet capacity.


Asmira Marine has started its business activities in 2002 by carrying out its first fuel supply with 43 years of established group background & experience. Since then, it’s become prominent of supplying 1,000,000 liters at a time both duty free or duty paid with its powerful barge and truck fleet capacity. Over time it brang in the concept of “marine station” for the first time in Turkey. Asmira Marine proved its success in “marine station” operations and configurations by incorporating six different stations respectively; in 2013 D-Marin Didim, in 2017 D-Marin Turgutreis, in 2018 Setur Kuşadası, in 2018 D-Marin Göcek, in 2020 D-Marin Portonovi and last 2021 IC Çeşme Marina with approximately a half of million liters total fuel stock capacity. Asmira Marine has been continueing to be a “safe port” on the coast via the fuel stations equipped with high standards with the six pumps capable of serving six marine vessels and land vehicles at a time, special design lounges and high quality of service for all marine vessels.

Asmira Marine has decided to diversify its experience, recognition, and quality-oriented business practices into different branches of yachting by providing services in; charter, refit & repair & chandlery through cooperation synergy with well-known actors of the yachting sector in 2020. In compliance with the experience and service concept that established for many years, Asmira Marine commits itself to upgrade SOP’s through the group vision “To be Local on Every European Coast” and aims at providing outstanding services to more guests at more meeting points.


Asmira Marine has started to expand its marine operations since 2002, by launching operations within the scope of yachting, as one of the new operations, yacht charter, started in 2020 within 7 different boats in its fleet. Cooperating with admitted actors with the precious know-how in the sector, Asmira aims to give a new impulse to the sector, being aware of the responsibility of publicise the Turkish Peninsula with its elysian bays beyond comparison to more people by raising awarness of marine tourism. Hence, Asmira Marine fullfills the needs & desires of customers over its boat fleet fitted with different boat configurations.

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Asmira Marine has decided to bring together services in refit & repair &with its guests in 2020. With the combination of its long standing experience and cooperation with admitted actors from the sector with precious “know how”, Asmira Marine is assertive about becoming solution partner for the boat owners and providing them high-level service. In order to do so, Asmira Marine invested in two technical offices respectively; D-Marin Turgut Reis Refit & Repair & Technical Office, Setur Altinyunus Marina Refit & Repair & Technical Office, and will continue to invest in notable locations in the south shores of Turkey to meet guests with Asmira Marine’s impeccable service quality. Please Contact Us For Top Coating, Antifouling, Paste, Polish, wax, Gelcoat Implementations, Polyester Repairs, Osmosis Treatment, Epoxy Lamination, Sandblasting, Mechanical, Electrical, Carpentery.